Mentors help women identify with the computing field and persue careers in technology.



The name 'init(together)' embodies the purpose of this conference in a brief technical phrase. 'init,' short for 'initialize,' symbolizes the beginning of a new generation of women starting their careers in computing. Combined, init(together) signifies women beginning their computing careers with the support of mentors, with peers as collaborators and most importantly: connected together as an active and vibrant community.

This year is the first init(together) conference, started by Women in Information and Computer Sciences (WICS) with the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. This conference was created with the vision of bringing together a community of the new generation of women in computing under the guidance of the many active groups of women in tech in Southern California. We hope to inspire women to confidently pursue jobs and internships, start their own tech projects, engage in computing challenges or competitions, and openly collaborate with their peers and mentors.

WICS, Women in Information and Computer Sciences

WICS is a non-profit organization at UC Irvine established to help women in computer-related fields pursue college degrees and successful careers in the industry. We provide professional and technical workshops, academic tutoring, leadership and team building projects, as well as numerous opportunities for women to connect with companies and alumni, so that they are the most competitive candidates among their peers. We host peer-networking and mentorship events to foster community and to inspire collaboration on extracurricular projects. Through our efforts, UCI women in computing have the resources they need to excel in their degrees from freshman to senior year and to be well-equipped for their careers.